5 things you should not miss before buying an Electric Vehicle

There has been an increase in the shift towards EV (Electric Vehicles) from ICE vehicles due to the increasing price of Petrol and widespread awareness regarding low carbon emissions from EVs fostering climate health. India has witnessed this shift as well. In 2022 alone, more than 10 lakh EVs (Electric Vehicles) were sold, which is expected to grow by 17 million by 2030. 

There are various other benefits of EVs like minimal maintenance cost, tax benefits, and low running costs. But before switching to an EV, you may have a lot of questions regarding the range it gives, its efficiency, charging pattern, and available infrastructure, or just be too confused with its overall driving experience. 

This blog will outline essential tips before purchasing an electric vehicle.  

  1. Range of Car

Before purchasing an EV, one needs to be clear about the fact that it will be used as a primary or a secondary car. If it is supposed to be a primary car, the user should consider the distance it will need to travel daily and simultaneously decide on an EV model as per the range it gives.  

Additionally, you need to ensure the availability of public charging stations if you plan to take your EV for occasional weekend trips. You can use Statiq, to look for public charging stations nearby.  

  1. Charging Options

Before buying an EV, consider if there is a dedicated parking space for your EV to charge while idle. Whether there is an available charging station in your society or not. If you can install a home charger in your parking lot. Statiq deploys Ad Wall (Captive EV Chargers) in societies, malls, and offices.  

You can charge your EV slowly at home and fast charge your EV at public Electric Vehicle Charging Stations. You need to consider your charging options before purchasing an EV.  

  1. Cost of buying an EV

As EVs are new to the mobility industry, their initial cost of purchase is higher than ICE vehicles providing a similar range. A basic hatchback can cost above 8 lakhs. So, while buying an EV, one should consider the budget he/she has.  

At the same time, you also need to be aware of the subsidies and tax exemptions that your state provides. This intern helps reduce your overall purchase cost.  

  1. Which EV brand to buy?

With every day the technological development in the EV sector is exponential. As per our required range and budget, we need to decide on an EV brand. We need to consider the after-sales service of a brand before purchasing. Few brands also provide toe-service if the EV stops in between. 

  1. Battery Warranty

One of the most crucial and costly parts of an electric vehicle is the battery. Manufacturers often provide a battery pack fitted in an electric vehicle with a warranty of 5-8 years. Look for cars that give a comprehensive replacement guarantee for the batteries.  


To sum up, purchasing an electric automobile needs some serious thought and preparation. You can decide if an electric car is the perfect choice for you by considering the above-listed factors. 

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