All You Need To Know About PMP Certification Cost Components

All You Need To Know About PMP Certification Cost Components

A career in project management may offer many opportunities. A project manager’s job is to ensure the timely completion of the company’s most important projects. More importantly, you guarantee a smooth and timely conclusion by keeping everything on track.

The Project Management Institute offers a certification program for those who wish to learn more about the field of project management.

The Project Management Institute (PMI) offers a certification that is highly valued and widely acknowledged in the field. The Project Management Professional (PMP) credential equips project managers with the skills they need to develop into industry leaders. This article explains how to get your PMP certification and how much it will set you back.

How much do Project Management Professional courses cost?

Costs for the required 35 hours of PMP training will vary widely depending on factors like location and preferred learning style. From $150 up to more than $1,500, the PMP certification cost varies widely. There is also free PMP certification training, though it is typically only a trial for a paid course. The cost of a PMP course taken online is typically lower than that of a classroom-based program, though this is not always the case.

Online courses

Staragile’s PMP training, which is 35 hours long and leads to certification, costs $800. The equivalent course at the other schools would cost you $2,995.

In addition, many universities incorporate PMP exam preparation into their ongoing education programs. Unless otherwise stated, these classes usually cost the same as the school’s regular tuition.

The Project Management Professional exam – how much?

Those who are not PMI members must pay $555 the first time they take the PMP exam. However, PMI members only pay $405 annually. You will still be required to pay the nonmember rate even if you decide to join PMI at the time you register for the exam.

You will have another opportunity to take and pass the test after a failed attempt. You’ll have more time to prepare for the test and will already have some background knowledge in the subject matter. PMI members pay $275 to retake the PMP exam, while nonmembers pay $375.

After the Project Management Institute has granted you eligibility to take the PMP exam, you will have one year to do so. There is a yearly limit of three attempts at the exam.

To what extent does it cost to renew one’s PMP certification?

After passing the PMP exam, it will be your responsibility to maintain your expertise. To aid in this endeavor, the Project Management Institute promotes a program to meet your ongoing certification needs.

You need to earn 60 PDUs within a three-year period to maintain your certification. Courses in leadership, business management, and project management are just some of the topics that can be covered in order to earn these certificates. This pattern will continue forever, with each cycle lasting three years. If you fail to maintain your certification in good standing, it will be revoked for a period of one year. Staying in contact with the software company for projects for practicing can also be required.

You must renew your PMP credential by the exam anniversary date in the third year of the renewal cycle. Current PMI members must renew their membership for $60. Non-members pay $150 to renew their PMP certification.


If you’re already working in project management but want to advance your career, earning your PMP certification is a great choice. You’ll learn about modern project management techniques like waterfall and Agile as part of the PMP certification process. You can improve your resume by enrolling in business management and leadership classes. For the complete overview of PMP certification, click here.

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