Masked Marvels: Indulge in the Carnival of Venice with IndiGo – Unveiling the Magic of Italy’s Celebrated Festival

Brace yourselves for a rendezvous with extravagance, mystique and sheer enchantment!  The time of the year is not far when Venice, the enchanting jewel of Italy, dons its grand carnival attire. The annual carnival of Venice, held in February every year, is regarded as one of the biggest celebrations in Italy. This extravagant festival known for its elaborate costume masks is a two-week-long annual festival happening from 27th January to 13th February that is surrounded by concerts, parades, markets and the ornate Venetian masks, of course. If you are looking to join this spectacle, don’t wait until it’s too late. You should book IndiGo’s flight to Italy as soon as possible and let the adventure begin. With the carnival days coming closer, you obviously do not want to face the rising ticket price for India to Italy flights. So put on your most exquisite mask, prepare to be bedazzled, and let’s take a sneak peek into the world of this enchanting carnival!

Ancient Origins

The tradition of this carnival dates back to the year 1162, and they are intertwined with a remarkable historical event. The story began with a victorious celebration, marking the defeat of  Ulrih II of Treven, also known as the Patriarch of Aquileia Ulric. Following their capture, the patriarch and his 12 vassals found themselves imprisoned, their fate hanging in the balance. 

The turning point of this historical narrative occurred on holy Thursday when an intriguing agreement was struck. To secure their freedom, the patriarch and his vassals had to agree to an extraordinary condition. On this sacred day, they were released from captivity under one condition: they were to walk barefoot through the streets of Venice, humbly seeking the forgiveness of the Venetian people.

Top Reasons Why You Should Visit the Venice Carnival

Here are irresistible reasons why you absolutely need to take a flight to Italy:

  • A journey through time

The Venice Carnival is not just a festival. But it is a step back in time to an era of opulence, intrigue and timeless beauty. As you wander through the ancient streets of Venice, you’ll feel like you have been transported to a bygone world where nobility mingled with commoners.


  • Masks, magic and mystery

The elaborate masks of the Venice Carnival are a world unto themselves. Donning a mask here is not just about hiding your identity or staying anonymous, but it’s about revealing your deepest desires and fantasies. The masks allow you to become anyone you want for a day, from a cunning Cassanova to a mischievous Harlequin. It’s a reality where secrets are shared through a simple glance.

  • Spectacular events

The events and activities in Venice Carnival will surely leave you breathless. Witness the awe-inspiring ‘flight of the Angel’, the thrilling regattas along the city’s canals or the enchanting masked balls where the elite come to dance the night away in elaborate costumes. 

The Feste delle Marie is a historical reenactment of the presentation of twelve humble Venetian brides to the Doge in the 19th century. It is a colourful and lively procession with beautiful ladies dressed in exquisite costumes. It offers a glimpse into Venice’s aristocratic past and showcases the city’s commitment to preserving traditions. 

If you are a fan of elaborate costumes and creative flair, the grand costume contest is something you should not miss. Venetians take their costume contests very seriously, and participants invest considerable effort and time creating stunning outfits. 

Finally, in the Grand Finale event, which happens at the last weekend of the carnival, Venice pulls out all the stops of this grand event. Piazza San Marco becomes the stage for captivating performances, music and dancing. The atmosphere is electric, and it’s the perfect time to join in the celebrations, dance under the stars and immerse yourself in the carnival spirit. 

  • A culinary extravaganza

Italy is renowned for its culinary treasures, and the Venice Carnival is no exception. Indulge in sumptuous Italian delicacies, from creamy risotto to fresh seafood and don’t forget to savour the delectable frittelle, sweet fritters that are simply irresistible. Calories are but a fleeting thought during the Carnival!

Seize the IndiGo Opportunity

As the Carnival days draw nearer, flights to Venice skyrocket faster than a Venetian gondola. If you don’t want to face the wrath of inflated international flight ticket prices, secure your spot with IndiGo now. Early booking will lead you to cheap flight bookings to Italy. Enjoy a 10% discount on the base fare of the IndiGo flights provided you choose the “6Exclusive Fare”.

So, dear traveller, put on your finest masks, embrace the allure of Venice, and immerse yourself in the grandeur of the Venice Carnival. With IndiGo, the adventure begins. Don’t let this enchanting world pass you by – join the carnival, where the magic is real, and the masquerade is unforgettable!


As the Venice Carnival draws near,  the question isn’t “Why should you visit?” but rather, “Why haven’t you booked your IndiGo international flight yet?” It’s an opportunity to lose yourself in the history of Venice and create memories that will last a lifetime. So, what are you waiting for? The Venice Carnival is calling, and it is time to answer.

Are you planning to visit the Grand Venice Carnival? Please share in the comments your enthusiasm for the trip and your preparations leading up to it.

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