Top 6 Services to Buy Instagram Comments

If users want to make it big on Instagram, build huge followings, and make good money from their accounts, they can’t just sit back and wait for fans to discover their content. Instagram is no longer a simple photo-sharing app. It has more than two billion users worldwide and more than 100 million videos and photos are uploaded to the platform every day. This means the competition is extremely fierce, and to become important on the Gram, a user has to have a high level of dedication.

However, organic methods do not always work, especially since the Instagram algorithm is designed to penalize small accounts. One thing that users can do to break through is buy Instagram comments from reputable websites. Instagram comments increase engagement on Instagram posts, which convinces Instagram that the content is worthwhile and should receive greater exposure. Plus, Instagram comments impress potential sponsors who are more likely to collaborate with a user who gets large-scale engagement.

Most people are looking to make a lasting impression on Instagram, and the best websites can help them do just that. Here are the best websites that sell Instagram comments which will boost popularity levels on the platform and convince the system’s algorithms to show a user’s content to a large and completely new audience.

1. Twicsy

If users are looking for a game-changing Instagram growth service, there’s no service quite like Twicsy. What makes it so good? Its large network of genuine Instagram accounts that post tailored, relevant IG comments that are created by the provider’s own artificial intelligence system. This means users do not get generic irrelevant comments on their posts, but comments that are on-topic and will generate discussion and engagement. They will blend right in with other organic comments.


Comments are posted almost instantly, the ordering process is well-designed and simple to use, the website is fully safe and secure, and 24/7 customer support is available to help solve problems or answer questions about the service.

What Makes Twicsy Different?

Twicsy’s AI system is groundbreaking (although other providers have since copied the approach), and if customers aren’t happy with the comments that are automatically generated for their posts, they can have them regenerated immediately until they’re satisfied. Twicsy has changed the game when it comes to purchased IG comments, and they work like a charm.

2. Buzzoid

Buzzoid is one of IG influencers’ favorite social growth services because of how efficient and effective its engagements are. Users who want to add custom, relevant comments to their posts can choose small packages with 5 or 10 comments, or larger ones with 25 or 50 comments. Either way, users get well-crafted comments created by AI and posted from real Instagram accounts, boosting engagement rates without putting customers’ accounts at risk.


Delivery time is quick, customers can have comments regenerated before they’re posted, and the entire process is completely secure. In case users face any issues, 24/7 support is there to help them out. Prices are reasonable, too.

3. Rushmax

Rushmax is another popular Instagram service that has jumped onto the bandwagon and started offering custom Instagram comments to creators, influencers, and businesses. The provider’s AI system generates perfectly-written and relevant comments posted by real IG users; customers will not get comments that are generic or have no relation to the particular post or niche. Rushmax has years of experience, allowing them to maximize the benefits and results that clients receive.

Prices are good. In fact, they’re great, considering how time-consuming it would be for customers to write their own custom comments and find legitimate Instagram users to post them. Everything else about this service is up to par, with a good on-site ordering experience, fast delivery, always-available customer support, and full security for personal and financial information.

4. InstaPort

If users are looking for high-quality Instagram comments to take their social media game to the next level, InstaPort is another service they can seriously consider. When users order from InstaPort, they always get high-quality comments created by artificial intelligence to be relevant and on-topic. These interactions are designed to encourage organic engagement with posts by followers and random visitors, and they work quite well.

The website is safe and secure and buyers do not have to worry about receiving generic comments or simple emojis posted as responses to their posts. Delivery is fast, comments can be regenerated on request, customer service is responsive and available 24 hours a day. Twicsy and Buzzoid may be the best IG comment providers, but InstaPort isn’t far behind them.

5. IWantMoreFollowers

This Instagram service provider has specialized in delivering followers, likes and views for quite some time, and they’ve also just added comments to their service menu. They’re in the process of building out their offerings, though, so the maximum number of comments available is just ten and the comments are all hand-written, so delivery can take several days rather than several minutes.

Most of the time, the quality of the comments is good but IWantMoreFollowers has occasionally been known to cut corners, so check the interactions after they’re posted and ask to have them rewritten if they’re not fully on-topic. We’ve included them in our rankings because the provider does have their comments posted by real IG users from their own accounts, making them safe and effective.

6. SocialPrestige

SocialPrestige and IWantMoreFollowers are quite similar services, having begun selling comments in recent months after focusing on other types of Instagram engagements for most of their history.  The Social Prestige comments are also hand-written and posted on legitimate users’ IG accounts, but since it’s time-consuming to write interesting and relevant comments, this provider charges prices that are higher than the ones charged by most other reputable services.

Delivery can take a while, but the quality of the comments and the results they provide are usually good.


Here are frequently asked questions about buying Instagram comments, and the honest answers.

Does Buying Instagram Comments Help With Engagement?

Yes, buying Instagram comments can significantly help with engagement rates, and that’s crucial for IG account growth. Higher engagement rates convince the system’s algorithms that posts must be worthwhile since they are receiving lots of interaction. That gets the algorithms to award additional visibility to the posts that have received the purchased comments, making it likely that the new audience will also like the content and follow the account that created it.

There are other benefits as well. When a user’s content generates lots of engagement, it impresses potential sponsors who may be more willing to commit to sponsorships and collaborations. And an active, engaged community is likely to convince visitors that it’s worth following the account that generated the activity, boosting the account’s popularity and importance on Instagram.

Is Buying Instagram Comments a One-Time Thing?

It depends on the goals of the Instagram users. Some people might prefer to buy Instagram comments just once, in an attempt to send one of their popular videos or photos viral. Others want to be more consistent with their account promotion and buy packages of high-quality, real comments regularly, along with buying followers, likes, and views.

Which Website Should I Choose When Buying Instagram Comments?

With so many options, it can be difficult for users to decide which service to use. We’ve highlighted the important factors in our reviews: relevant high-quality comments, real IG users posting them, the ability to regenerate unsatisfactory comments, and outstanding customer experience. Our recommended providers all qualify, and they’re the easiest way for newer IG users to jump into the account promotion world and add comments to their posts.

Final Thoughts

It has become very difficult to make it big on Instagram. Going viral is no longer common and it can be nearly impossible to build large fan bases. Reliable websites that sell Instagram comments can help users boost the level of engagement on their IG accounts and get their content seen by more and more people. Buying comments is an effective method of kickstarting Instagram growth that influencers and businesses use regularly, and it’s available to all users for reasonable prices.

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