Recommended 6 Platforms to Buy Instagram Followers

Having a large, engaged following on Instagram is crucial for businesses, influencers, and anyone else looking to promote themselves or their work on the popular social media platform. However, building followers organically can take a significant amount of time and effort. Purchasing high-quality Instagram followers from reputable service providers is a smart shortcut that can give your profile a much-needed boost.

This article explores six of the top sites for buying Instagram followers in 2023. We’ll take an in-depth look at Twicsy, Buzzoid, Rushmax, InstaPort, Followers R Us, and MaxSocialImpact, covering their key features, user experiences, pricing, and overall effectiveness. While alternative routes exist, the approach highlighted here aligns with the way that Instagram’s algorithms operate.

As your numbers grow courtesy of one of these services, the algorithms are more likely to reward you with a larger audience over time, allowing you to add followers who had never seen your content before. Others will also take notice of your growing popularity, making organic follower growth easier down the line.

Before delving into the individual reviews, it’s important to understand that any purchased followers should come from genuine Instagram accounts—not fake followers created with bots by scammy websites. Look for providers guaranteeing high-quality, real followers who will remain connected long-term rather than being deleted. With that in mind, let’s explore the top options.

1. Buzzoid

Buzzoid has been a leader in the Instagram follower service industry for years. They offer follower packages from 100 followers up to 20,000, and all followers are real IG users with real accounts, not the fake followers that will be quickly deleted by the system, fail to provide any benefits, and could cost customers their accounts as a penalty for trying to cheat the platform. Buzzoid delivers interactions within minutes, even for the largest orders.


An outstanding option that customers can select is an upgrade to Buzzoid’s premium followers, who carry more weight with Instagram’s algorithms because those users post regularly to their accounts. The service’s pricing is competitive with other top providers, the ordering system is safe, secure, and easy to navigate, and support reps are available 24 hours a day.

Buzzoid customers report seeing significant increases in their content’s exposure, as well as impressive follower gains, within days of purchasing real followers from the service. Both businesses and influencers say that Buzzoid engagements translate to improved metrics and engagement over the long term, and most agree that this is the best choice for strong Instagram account growth.

2. Twicsy

Like Buzzoid, Twicsy has been in operation for many years and has a strong reputation. They offer a wide range of real follower packages, from 100 followers up to 20,000, along with likes, comments, and video views. And they’re able to craft custom packages that combine those engagements, allowing you to get exactly the boost you need.

Twicsy prides itself on quick delivery time—usually within minutes—and only providing legitimate Instagram users with real accounts, ensuring maximum effectiveness and safety.


Twicsy has a reputation for satisfied customers, with thousands of positive reviews praising their high-quality followers and quick results. Pricing is very affordable, starting at just a few dollars. Customers report seeing huge follower gains that translate into increased engagement, reach, and sales opportunities for businesses and larger fan bases and sponsorships for influencers.

Twicsy followers integrate smoothly and help supercharge organic growth over the long run. And most influencers and large businesses who don’t rely on Buzzoid for their IG interactions choose Twicsy.

3. Rushmax

Rushmax features Instagram follower packages ranging from 100 to 20,000 followers. Rushmax has been a player in the industry for almost as many years as Buzzoid and Twicsy, with thousands of satisfied customers since its debut. Key benefits they promote include consistently fast delivery within a few minutes of an order being placed.

They also tout their strict focus on only supplying high-quality, real IG followers that the system’s algorithms will recognize as strong popularity boosts, triggering increased visibility for the account’s content. Their reliance on real followers with real accounts also ensures the safety of customers’ Insta accounts, since the system often deletes accounts using fake followers.

Pricing is on par with major competitors and represents excellent value for the reliable services provided. Reviews on third-party sites consistently indicate users see strong, organic follower growth in the weeks following their purchase, which frequently translates to increased metrics like engagement rate over the long term as well. Rushmax also offers a consistently positive user experience, with customers highly satisfied with the service’s ordering process, security, and customer support.

4. InstaPort

Like Rushmax, InstaPort offers a wide range of follower packages that start at $2.97 for 100 followers and let power users purchase as many as 20,000 real followers at reasonable prices. Instaport touts its focus on quality over quantity, always providing authentic IG followers that trigger widespread exposure across the platform.

Other key benefits include their strong track record of speedy delivery, typically within only a few minutes of order processing, the availability of premium followers that deliver stronger organic growth, and follower retention because of the quality of the engagements. They also offer customized package options tailored to each user’s specific needs and budget. Premium followers are not available.

Users report seeing steady increases in their organic follower counts after their InstaPort purchase has started working its magic on the Instagram algorithms. Numerous customers say that InstaPort followers have integrated naturally into their profiles, drawing in new followers and higher engagement weeks and even months after the initial purchase.

InstaPort offers a comparable Instagram growth solution to Rushmax, effectively boosting accounts in a natural, sustainable manner.

5. Followers R Us

Followers R Us has been delivering IG engagements for quite a while, not as long as services like Buzzoid and Twicsy, but long enough to have developed expertise in the industry. That’s allowed them to source and provide as many as 20,000 real followers who have their own real accounts on the app.

So Followers R Us is reputable, but their #5 ranking is based on some issues that make them somewhat less desirable than the top choices we’ve listed. Delivery times can be a problem with some orders, particularly large ones; all of the followers may not arrive in customers’ accounts for 24 hours or even a little longer. Also, many customers have reported that the quality of their followers can vary as well. they’re all real, but not all are of the same high quality that services like Buzzoid regularly deliver.

Bottom Line: You can trust Followers R Us to deliver safe, real followers and not endanger your IG account, but their growth service isn’t the best you can find.

6. MaxSocialImpact

MaxSocialImpact is an Instagram provider that’s essentially on the same level as Followers R Us. Their followers are all real and provide some growth, but their overall quality doesn’t quite match that of the followers from our top-ranked services.

No premium followers are available, and only a maximum order of 10,000 real followers is available. Engagements are delivered faster than with Followers R Us, though. In short, this service has its negatives just as the previous one does, but they’re both reputable and their followers will provide some account growth.


Q: Is buying Instagram followers against Instagram policies?

A: No, purchasing followers is not banned as long as they come from real Instagram accounts. Buying fake bot-generated followers, though, does violate the platform’s rules since they’re not linked to real IG accounts.

Q: How long until I see results from purchased followers?

A: You should start to see increased visibility for your content within a day or two, with increases in organic followers starting shortly after that.

Q: How many followers should I buy for good visibility boosts?

A: It’s best to buy followers in proportion to your existing follower count in order to make the new followers look like natural growth. If you have 100 followers, buying 100 real ones makes sense, but buying 10,000 doesn’t. If you have tens of thousands of followers, you’ll need large packages to have a real impact

Q: How long should I wait before purchasing another follower package?

A: It’s generally best to wait 1-2 weeks after your initial purchase before buying more followers. This gives time for your new followers to naturally engage with your profile and content, making the increase seem more organic to Instagram’s algorithms.


Purchasing high-quality Instagram followers from reputable providers offers an ideal shortcut for users seeking a following boost without spending weeks or months searching for new followers on their own. The top options covered here deliver speed, reliability, and real follower growth aligned with Instagram requirements.

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