Online Casino Strategies: Tips for Maximizing Your Winning Chances at Slots

Slots is one of the most popular casino games, with most players preferring to try their luck. You won’t need any special skills to play slots since this game is purely about luck. To get started, all you need to do is download the best slot machine app online, register to start an account and get started. Of course, you also have the option to play online without downloading the game to a mobile phone or device. Although the game is about luck, you can use specific online casino strategies to maximize your winning chances. Read ahead to understand what they are.

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Understand How the RTP Rates and Volatility Work

Casino games have a Return-To-Player or RTP rate. The RPT is the estimated winning a player can expect for every bet. Your objective should be to choose games that have a high RTP rate of 96% and above. You can find this information by researching specific games on review and POV sites. Some online casinos may also provide this data in their terms and conditions pages. Next on your list should be volatility levels, which are dependent on the sizes of the bets and the frequency with which bets are placed. เว็บหวยออนไลน์

Accordingly, a game with high volatility will award players with larger payouts, though the winning combination may appear less frequently. On the flip side, a game with low volatility will reward players who play frequently. However, the size of the winning amount is likely to be low. As a rule, experts suggest that you pick games with a high RTP rate with low to medium volatility. Your online casino strategies will also depend on the money you’re willing to stake and your playing habits. 

Practice and Experiment

An excellent strategy to maximize your winning is to take advantage of the free spins online casinos offer you. Most websites offer you a welcome bonus package of free money and a specific number of free spins. Some terms and conditions may apply, but the great thing is that you can get a fair idea of how the game works–without staking your own money. 

Another advantage is the demo versions. You can play the games without staking any money but not winning any money either. Your objective here is only to understand how the game works. The site may also allow you to play without creating an account. Members can play for credits to keep track of how much they have actually won. Experiment with these online casino strategies to understand the volatility and RTP rates. 

Levels Betting Strategy

Although playing slots does not have any real strategy, experts suggest a series of consecutive steps to determine the bet size. The first step is setting the bet size, preferably 1% of the total amount in your online casino account. Let’s assume you have Rs.100 in our account. So, you start off by betting Rs.1 per spin and play five times. 

Assuming you lost all the bets, you’ll now bet Rs.5 per spin and play for another 5 spins. If you lose once again, your next betting level is Rs.10. Again, you’ll bet Rs.10 for another 5 rounds. This process continues until you have a win. Then, the process resets to Rs.1 per spin. The theory here is that by raising the betting amount and frequency of plays, the winning payout will be much higher. But then, you also run the risk of raising the bets to the point that you have to stop without winning at all. 

Fixed Percentage Betting Strategy

Online casino strategies like these ensure that you stake a limited sum of money with every spin. This system uses a percentage of the balance in your casino account for every win or loss. For instance, let’s assume you have Rs.100 in your account. If you pick 3%, you’ll stake Rs.3 per spin. If you win Rs. 13, you’ll have Rs.110 in your account. Now, you can stake Rs.3.30 in the next spin. 

You’ll follow this rule regardless of whether you lose or win. As a result, you’ll maximize your winning chances by chasing the streak in a hot game. But, if you lose, you’ll also minimize your losses. 

Although learning and deploying online casino strategies is quickly becoming as popular as playing slots, know that no strategy is entirely fool-proof. Ultimately, winning combinations on slot machines are decided randomly and are virtually impossible to predict. What you can do is focus on the fun and enjoy the entertainment aspect of your gaming session. Treat it as you would any other online game, and enjoy the graphics, visuals, and sound effects. If you win, that’s great!!

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