Online Betting on UEFA European Championship 2024 With PariPesa

The main event of this year for Indian residents and in the football world in general is the UEFA European Championship 2024. All bookmakers, including PariPesa, have already prepared their betting options. 

The rules for betting on this event are in many ways similar to the rules of regular tournaments. The difference is in the prestige of the competition, high odds and amounts (they can be significantly higher than for standard matches).

Right now, Indian residents can bet on matches at

Euro 2024 Team Groups 

In the European Championship 2024, teams are divided into 6 groups in each of three tournaments:

  1. From 14.06 to 18.06.
  2. From 19.06 to 22.06.
  3. From 23.06 to 26.06.

And here’s the most interesting thing available from the end of June – mega-tournaments with attractive bets and odds!

  • 29.06 to 2.07 – ⅛ finals.
  • 5.07 and 6.07 – quarterfinals.
  • 9.07 and 10.07 – semi-final games.
  • 14.07 – final, when the winning team’s name will be announced.

In the UEFA European Championship 2024 involved strong teams, and the outcome of the games can be unpredictable.

England is considered a fairly strong contender. Portugal is the only one that did not lose a single point in qualifying in all matches, so it has a chance of success. Many expect victory for the French team, which ranks second among the tournament favorites.

Visit PariPesa and place your bets. Have fun and win at your favorite matches!

Odds at PariPesa

What odds have the best online bookmaker, PariPesa, prepared for Indian residents? Here are the main ones:

  • first team win;
  • draw;
  • the second team wins;
  • the first team will win or draw;
  • one of the teams wins;
  • the second team will win or draw;
  • other options (see website).

You can study all the odds and betting options on the bookmaker’s website or mobile application. For this purpose, you only need to register.

Types of Bets on UEFA European Championship 2024

PariPesa offers various types of championship bets for Indian residents:

  • Team victory (to win one of the teams or draw).
  • Accurate score.
  • Both teams will score.
  • Total goals (total number of goals in the match).
  • Fore.
  • First goal (which team will score first in the match).

These are not all types of bets available at the championship. Check out the full list of PariPesa winning opportunities, especially since you can place your bets today! Ready, attention, goal!

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