Meet ePac Flexibles: The Packaging Solutions Company Your Business Needs To Grow

Have you watched the packaging trends over the last few years? If you have, you probably know that many companies are moving to sustainable, flexible packaging. These options have many benefits for manufacturers, such as customized coffee bag packaging design capabilities. Have you conducted research on packaging producers? This is what you should know about ePac Flexibles.

Who Is ePac Flexibles?

EPac Flexibles is one of several flexible packaging companies. This global company is technology driven. Their mission includes providing packaging that supports and promotes its client’s brands. They provide high-quality standup and lay flat pouches as well as connected and rollstock packaging. EPac values the environment and chooses to be vigilant stewards that protect it.

The CEO of ePac, Virag Patel, is a 17-year veteran in the manufacturing industry, so he understands the challenges you face. The Chief Marketing Officer, Carl Joachim, has three decades of helping companies market their products and services and creating markets. Finally, Parag Patel, who is in charge of global services offers significant experience in leveraging technology to change markets and industries. These co-founders seek to serve small- to medium-sized businesses.

What Service Can They Provide for You?

EPac has several core values that guide its service offerings. First, this company values its customers, so it provides unparalleled customer service. In fact, the company gives you multiple ways to contact it via its website. This company helps you grow your business. They provide unique solutions that can save you money and create brand loyalty in your customers.

EPac also supports its customer businesses and local communities. In fact, this company completes and supports others as they work on small projects with local community associations and nonprofit organizations, such as giving people opportunities to get an education, and encouraging technology adoption. The goal is to inspire success in locals using existing resources.

Finally, ePac supports environmental protection by providing sustainable product packaging solutions. These products are biodegradable, compostable or recyclable.

What Can You Do With ePac?

When you purchase packaging from ePac, such as frozen food packaging bags, you receive premium products. You have access to unlimited skus, and you won’t pay higher prices than you would for other packaging options. Because of the company’s process, you can often take your products to market much quicker no matter what type or how many products you want to release.

You also don’t have to find storage for thousands or tens of thousands of packages because you can order on demand. This reduces your inventory requirement. You shouldn’t have obsolete packaging sitting on your shelves because you can change it frequently. This packaging also supports your sustainability goals through eco-friendly technologies and raw materials. You also reduce your product waste because flexible packages increase your products’ shelf life and freshness.

Finally, using ePac products can help you create deeper connections with your customers. You can add QR codes to your products that allow your customers to connect with you. They can also verify the product they purchased is authentic. You also capture valuable data about where you sell products and the journey they take to their final customers.

As you review your packaging strategy, learn more about the benefits of using flexible packaging from a reputable company.

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