Investment Opportunities in the Indian Online Gambling Market After Law Changes

India is emerging as one of the best destinations for casino investors in 2024. The country updated its iGaming policies last year to allow legalization throughout the country.

Previously, just three states permitted online casino gaming. Now, investors are eyeing potential regulation at the national level. If this happens, India could become one of the biggest online gambling markets in the world.

India has more than half a billion people who gamble online regularly. Most of them use offshore casinos located overseas. The new Indian online gambling laws will open floodgates for investors to launch new casinos in the country.

If you would like to invest in iGaming, below are some of the most lucrative opportunities in India:

Open an Online Casino

The Indian government is on the verge of legalizing online casinos countrywide. For a country with 500M+ casino fans, that is a massive opportunity for investors. You could open a gambling site and target a small audience. And you’ll probably make money.

Now, launching a game site is easier said than done. First, you need to apply for a license. Presently, only Goa, Sikkim, and Nagaland provide licenses to gambling businesses. But this could change later this year.

After you acquire a license, the next step is to create a website and source gaming software. Then you need to integrate your site with payment methods, and customer service software. The entire process can cost anywhere from $10,000 to $50,000. 

   If you can afford the initial capital required to open an online casino, you should consider targeting the Indian audience. It is a new market, meaning every new casino will have the same chance to impress customers.

Provide a service differentiator to stand out from the competition. For example, give out bonuses with great terms. Or, accelerate payouts so that people know you offer fast withdrawals.

Provide Digital Marketing to Casinos

India, like many countries that permit online gambling, is planning to restrict gambling adverts. As a result, most online casinos will probably turn to digital marketers for leads and new clients.

Online casinos love working with independent marketers because they provide results. As a marketer, you promote a gambling site to your online friends. If someone registers at a casino you recommended, you earn a commission.

Casinos can pay up to $200 for every new customer. Imagine recommending 50 to 100 customers to your gambling partners every month. You could sustain your life with a single affiliate marketing website.

To be clear, digital marketing isn’t simple. It’s a competitive industry that requires a lot of hard work. You need to create content weekly, build an email subscription list, and promote your site on social media.

The secret to success in digital marketing is to understand Search Engine Optimization. If you can rank your website on Google’s top page, you can attract web traffic. A high volume of traffic, coupled with excellent copywriting, can help you make money through marketing. 

Become a Casino Influencer

Being an influencer is one of the highest-paying jobs online. In fact, 60% of Gen-Zers say they would prefer to be an influencer to work at a standard job. The casino sector is in serious need of influencers.

And now that India is planning to license new casinos, this looks like a lucrative opportunity for many young people. The work of an influencer is simple. You’ll need a platform to educate people about online casinos.

Let’s say you love Twitch. You can open a channel and create content about slots and poker. You can stream yourself playing slots for entertainment. And you could make money through ads and affiliate links.

Social media sites like X (Twitter), Instagram, and Facebook could help promote your brand. You could even open a blog to publish casino guides, slots reviews, and news.

The biggest gambling influencers on Twitch make thousands of dollars through brand endorsements. They make more money through their websites and social media channels.

Create a Web Development Company

Online casinos require web and mobile developers. Some of them hire in-house employees. However, the majority of new companies source third-party developers to help create their websites and apps.

You don’t need to know programming to start a web development company. You just need to be a great marketer and manager. You can find jobs from new casinos and outsource the work to experts. 

To grow your company, provide every service related to website creation. Hire graphics designers, content creators, and digital marketers to differentiate your brand from competitors.

The beauty of this business is that websites need regular maintenance. You don’t rely on one-off clients. You can build a list of regular clients that could build your company.

Become a Software Provider

Europe is packed with software providers that create slots and card games for casinos. Most of these companies will rush into the Indian market once casinos start to pop up.

Still, Indian developers have a chance to outshine foreign companies by localizing games. Many Europe-based developers create games inspired by European cultures. 

You could focus your company on Indian-themed games. And because you know local cultures better than foreigners, there’s a chance you could capture a new audience.

While real money games are more profitable, you could supplement your income through free-to-play apps. Some people like to play free poker and blackjack online. Create an app where they can play these games without spending money. 

Offer Banking Services

Do you own a Fintech company? Offer your services to new online casinos. Gambling sites work with a wide variety of payment providers, from cards and mobile wallets to cryptocurrencies and banks.

Although many companies prefer tried and tested payment methods, they can accommodate new companies under the right circumstances. Let’s say you own a blockchain financial service provider.

Not many companies offer crypto payment services. As such, you have a great chance to attract new customers even though your business is new and small. If you have an excellent solution in the financial industry, there’s always great potential for success.

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