Go for the Split Inverter AC because it’s the Right Choice

If you haven’t made up your mind about which model of air conditioner to buy, you have the best option in the Split inverter AC. We are all familiar with the many advantages of a Split air conditioner for your home or office. Take it one step further and buy a Split inverter air conditioner of a suitable capacity. Not long ago, most of the air conditioners sold in India were window-type because people had used to see such models for a long time. The general impression among people was that if a model has survived for so long, it has to be good. However, one cannot ignore products that involve innovation and the latest technology. Split Inverter AC is one product, and there is no surprise as to why it has become so popular among consumers.

Is it the Right Choice?

The Summer season has already begun in India, and soon it will reach its peak with temperatures constantly touching the mid-forties. If you haven’t got your old air conditioner serviced, go for it sooner rather than later. If your old air conditioner is not in good shape, it’s time to buy a new one. Like you, there are also a good number of people who have been delaying their purchase under one or the other excuse. Now, all these people should seriously think of purchasing a good Split air conditioner with inverter technology. It will be the best decision they will make because such a Split inverter AC will serve them well for the next 8-10 years.


Why Split Air Conditioner?

Even after deciding to purchase an air conditioner, most people are confused about which air conditioner model to buy. In India, you will usually find two types of air conditioners: window and split. Now, people are aware of the benefits of window air conditioners since they have been around for a very long time. So, if you still wish to continue with the old Window model, that’s your decision. However, it’s always better to opt for a product that offers better technology, looks better and also runs smoothly. A Split inverter AC meets all these requirements. Therefore, it may be your best decision to buy such an air conditioner.


Compared to a normal Split air conditioner, the latest split inverter AC is many steps ahead. It has many advantages, but the most remarkable is its ability to consume less electricity. The electricity consumption of any appliance plays a very important role because this is something you have to pay for every month. Do you know that a Split inverter AC reduces the electricity bill by a whopping 35%? Now think of how much money you can save in a month and a year. An air conditioner with inverter technology indeed costs more, but it will prove prudent in the long run.


How does a Split AC differ from a window AC?

Following are the main differences between Window and Split models.

1) Window air conditioners need more electricity than Split air conditioners.

2) The Split AC provides more uniform and consistent cooling

3) A Split air conditioner is almost noiseless, but Window ACs make a lot of noise.

4) It’s easier to install Window ACs, unlike Split ACs, which need a number of accessories.

5) The cost of Split air conditioners is higher.

6) Split ACs are known for their aesthetic looks and design.


Features of the Split Air Conditioner

1) You get faster cooling with Split AC because wide air blowers expel higher volumes of cool air.

2) In a Split AC, the compressor works silently while the condenser is installed outside the house.

3) A split air conditioner is the best option for a space that lacks a window.

4) Split ACs are usually fitted with a copper coil antibacterial filter that helps the AC auto-clean and protects it from harmful substances like dust and microorganisms.

5) A few Split air conditioner models offer both cooling and heating options to help maintain the ideal room temperature.

6) Split air conditioners also have a dehumidifier to remove excess moisture during the rainy season.

7) The split AC has a Sleep Mode, which reduces electricity bills by optimizing cooling.

Looking into the above features, it’s obvious that Split inverter AC is the better choice for people.

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